Orion Design Group FAST Cut Helmet Cover Multicam

Orion Design Group FAST Cut Helmet Cover Multicam

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As the original designers of the hybrid cover, we designed it with one goal. Make the best helmet cover out there. We did. By adding a durable four way stretch fabric we made the cover more durable and weather resistant, as well as creating a superior snug fit. With the advances in night vision technology, IFF, illumination and visual media collection came the need for a better way to route cable and attach mission essential gear. So you'll find plenty of tie down points and printed loop. Gone are the days of duct tape and adhesive velcro strips to attach your gear. We also are the only cover in the industry to incorporate a built in strobe bungie to secure that IR strobe.

Manufactured by our good friends at Grey Ghost/Tactical Tailor, you can rest assured you are getting a great piece of gear designed and built right in here in the USA. 

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